Saturday, May 19, 2012

So I Went To Bed...

...musing over dresses and colours and the colour wheel theory. But ended up dreaming of DW. Not just any dream, but one that made him of dwarf-ish stature and diagnosed with cancer. AND to top it all, we had fallen in love with each other but steadfastly remained silent on our feelings until the day he left for SG. When I kissed him (on the lips), and he kissed me back, and we acknowledged the mutual love. But still parted ways without making any kind of plans for any future contact.

And then I woke up feeling very sad and wanting to go back to dreamland to do something more. What does this mean? I've always had a crush/longing for DW, but never thought it anything more than just a passing fancy.'s kinda lingered on even 2+yrs after he's moved out of this house. But that's still no reason to suddenly dream of being in love with him! And bloddy hell. How twisted is it that I turned him into a dwarf-like physical build and gave him cancer???

Truth is, though...I'm still carrying a torch for him after all these years...*sigh*

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