Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jon Schmidt Medley

Think it might have been Da Sista who introduced me to Jon Schmidt via his mash-up of Viva La Vida & Love Story. Still love that arrangement! Pity the frickin' record companies refuse to accord Jon Schmidt commercial rights to the songs. Would love to have a proper MP3 version instead of the ripped one. *blush*

This is his latest arrangement. Adele's Rolling in the Deep. Funny how the cello gives the song a very Celtic feel to it.

Love Story vs Viva La Vida

Man...this gave me chills. Steven Sharp Nelson is spectacular on the cello(s) in this one. And I want that Yamaha baby grand. Gotta love electric versions of instruments. Totally different sound!

I LOVE Rachmaninoff. And totes love what Jon Schmidt did to this.

Jon's son is kinda cute too! *rotfl*

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