Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Opinions and the Like

So I've been putting off blogging properly since the week before handing in my damned thesis (no. not happy with it. but if I hang on to it anymore, it will refuse to go anywhere). In between completely chilling out after submitting, buying lots of a few books (finally got 'round to reading The Da Vinci Code), and sorting through the colossal mess that is my room (no..not done yet. but culled 8 pairs of shoes and boots that don't fit my style anymore and other clothes that I was sentimental about during the 1st round of culling), I didn't really have the presence of mind to really give voice to the voices in my head. Give...voice...to the voices... gee whiz. What the hell am I saying. Oh. No idea.


Have been reading the news online...watching the news on TV...doing Frasier, Big Bang Theory, and now Leverage marathons Not that I'm completely paying attention to what's playing. It's mostly to fill the silence with something more interesting than the devil that is morning TV here in Australia.  

This mop is AMAZING! It will clean ANYTHING including your slobby kids and unkempt husband!
You NEED this Ahh/Magic/Genie Bra. It will make your beestings look like garzongas. Just don't expect it to support your real garzongas...but if you love the look of the Ahh/Magic/Genie Bra and want them to provide foundation for your bodacious tatas, just wear 3 of them at the same time! (warning: may cause heat stroke or cut off circulation if more than 2 are worn).


So London Fashion Week is going on now. Looks like the Obi Belt is here to stay for awhile, and the Peplum look too. And if Burberry have their way, we would all be pairing multi-coloured zig-zags with multi-coloured stripes..and..and... No. I can't say anymore. It's too traumatic. Just have a look at the news write-up.

Mark Fast says that his current collection was inspired by a mirage. Yeah. Well. That's just a euphemism for "I was tripping out of my mind on an acid/E/weed cocktail". The flame red two-piece looks nice though. Just...with the macrame and crochet stuff, are you absolutely sure you can wear the damn outfit more than once? Seems like you wear it once, and everything gets stretched into weird directions, and the next time you put it on, something....doesn't...look...right.

Models display daring topless looks as London Fashion Week gets off to a risque start. Don't think I need to say anymore. Warning: not suitable for work. flat boobs on display.

Looking at Emilia Wickstead's current collection, and then scrolling down to the pics of celebrities and the Duchess of Cambridge wearing her past creations, I'm thinking: what the hell happened?? What's with the pleats?! Unless you constantly dry-clean your clothes or have someone else do the ironing or own a state-of-the-art steam iron, pleats are torture. Ok. The girly-ness feel of the designs are still there, but what's with the damn putty colour?! Oh. Another thing. Designers/fashionistas have decided that boring/vomit-inducing dull off-white deserves a name of it's own -- putty. Instead of NOT using that sickly colour, they give it a name. Seriously?!

Dame Vivienne Westwood hates the Duchess of Cambridge's make-up style. But hello. When was the last time she looked in a mirror? Her designs are avant-garde alright. Haute couture? I don't think so. But as she just wants to create a talking point using "fashion", well...she's hit the mark. The ridiculous clown makeup doesn't help, but some of the models Dame Westwood used look like they are 14 or 15 years old. How the fuck is a grown woman, however slender, supposed to translate the catwalk look into red carpet style, much less society functions? I can only think of one celebrity who consistently pulls off a Westwood design. Helena Bonham Carter. Think even Westwood herself would look hideous in her designs. Actually. She looks ghastly on her own. Maybe her creations will actually make her look more human.

OK. Enough about fashion. I could go on and on... I'm just not looking forward to see the China knock-offs or so-called high-street copies/homages to the Spring/Summer 2012 collections.

In other news, Chaz Bono (the individual formerly known as Chastity Bono, daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono), has been given extra security for his stint on US's Dancing with the Stars. Um. He's just a fat slob. Wasn't a very pretty girl, and is a downright unattractive man. I feel sorry for his girlfriend. And his dance partner. If he were anyone else, he'd just be targetted for fat jokes. But 'cos he's Cher's daughter-turned-son, people pander to him. Then again. I guess being a female-turned-male is more fodder for hate than being obese. Hmm. I don't care about his sexuality. I just think he's an obese unattrative attention-hungry individual who happens to be a famous person's offspring.

The Emmys are always fun. If nothing else, for the campiness and fashion parade. Jane Lynch is this year's host, and it looks like she did a great job. Jim Parsons won for Big Bang Theory. Blah blah blah. Kate Winslet looked spectacular in that red dress. I'm loving that shade of red. Loving that stunning electric blue satin gown on Dianna Agron too! Scroll down the page to see it. Charlie Sheen made a heartfelt apology...looks like he's finally gotten sober. Thank God! In another colossal fashion miss, Paz de la Huerta looks hideous. OK. No. I take that back. The dress is a perfect shade of pink to complement her colouring. BUT. She is a very unattractive female. Boardwalk Empire's makeup team are magicians to transform her into a sultry character. Left to her own devices, she is a fashion trainwreck. Helena Bonham Carter has a quirky sense of fashion. Paz......does not. Between her and Dame Westwood, I don't know who the cat would rather scratch.

Gee. I went back to fashion, didn't I?


Some economists are saying that Greece needs to be evicted from the EU. Huh. If that happens, I gotta check with Satan to see if hell froze over. C'mon.

Some physiological reasons for being fat. Most based on the assumption that the fat person recognises he/she is fat and wants to do something about it. Although, of particular concern is the Lipoedema. Wonder if that's what's affecting my mom.

Brad Pitt is an ass. The whole Brangelina thing sickens me. Physically beautiful/handsome couple with insensitive malicious personalities. If your comments need clarification, maybe you should have thought about them before you released the words into the world. Ass.
Update: Brad Pitt now trying to play the "poor me" card and whine about how his comments about Jen and Ange get misconstrued. I got some advice for the dude. STFU. The less you say, the less damage you cause, and the less backpedalling you have to do. Alternatively, THINK before you say anything. Feller has been in showbiz long enough. You'd think he'd know what to expect from the press. Moron. Oh wait. He's very intelligent. Just an insensitive and inconsiderate ass.

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