Thursday, May 16, 2013

Memory Lane

Randomly surfing the 'net and saw the word "Absinthe", and it reminded me of a long-ago SG band called Absinth. Fronted by a Caleb/Calab something-or-other. Then it got me thinking of Electrico, and how I'll be missing their gig at BayBeats this year. Then it got me reminiscing about the first BayBeats gig outing. Aloysius. Gee...haven't thought of him in a long time. Well...not in connection with any pleasant memories of our past relationship, that is...

Anyway...then that got me thinking of how we went gigging at Bar None when they had 'live' bands playing every Thursday night. Live local bands. Then that got me thinking of the time when I first got interested in taking nice photos. Not just happy snaps, but the arty-farty type. And then...I realised, I'm not cut out to be a photographer. 'Cos years later, I still suck at photography. Haha!!

In any case, it was a nice trip down memory lane. And it all started with one word: Absinthe. Funny though. Absinthe. Type of alcohol. Bar None. Place where I spent lots of time sipping Lychee Martini (yes. singular). If I didn't dislike alcohol in real life, this little trip down memory lane would be indicative of a much deeper problem!

Oh...did I mention I had a crush on this Caleb/Calab person? =)

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