Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What...in the hell....?

23:05   Hellos....
00:31   Hi hi... what's up?
00:33   Bz?
01:16   Looks like u are not free or not really interested to talk...
01:17   In any case, I dun feel like talking anymore....
01:18   Bye
05:02   Was sleeping. Got up to go toilet and saw your msg. So replied. It was 12.30am my time when I saw your msg.

Here we go again. I'd gone to bed early 'cos was sooo tired. I mean. Look at the timestamps. And think. Who would be up and about and chatty at midnight? Wouldn't the logical assumption be: she's sleeping...it's late over there; instead of getting petulant over being "ignored"? Sheesh. Almost one month of not talking 'cos of a major disagreement we had, and this is what he does? Immature much?

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