Friday, April 26, 2013

So Many Things Wrong

The fascination (obsession?) with cosmetic surgery in South Korea has finally made international headlines...and not in a good way. Because out of the contestants in this year's beauty pageant in South Korea, it seems like all of them either went to the same cosmetic surgeon, or they somehow independently carried an almost identical list of things to be changed and what to change it into.

Why anyone would want to look like a clone of someone else, I don't know. And I don't understand how anyone could possibly voluntarily go under the knife to change something about themselves. I'm not talking about the people who need to have reconstructive surgery for various reasons. I'm referring to those who think it's worth the pain of deliberately broken bones to look like someone else. All in the name of vanity and, dare I say it? Self-loathing.

Don't blame the "West" for these girls' single-minded intent to get double eyelids, bigger breasts, whiter skin, bigger eyes, different coloured eyes, darker hair, tinier waists etc... For the record, it's the Asian market that desires whiter/fairer skin. "Western" women want tans. Too many people and industries are at fault for this. Amongst these are the men in these girls' lives. And really, most males I know prefer females who look like that. Slim. Fair. Pretty. Big eyes. Sweet-looking. Demure-looking. Shy. All the guys I know all say they want their girlfriends and/or potential life partners to be opinionated, to fight with them, to be willing to stand up to them. They always omit the physical characteristics. And the fact that, in reality, they want a girl who will defer to them in everything, who will make them the centre of their universe, who will be willing to sacrifice everything to make them happy. And above all, be slim, fair, pretty, vase-like. If what I'm saying isn't true, then pray tell why is it that these are the same guys who either dump me or take no notice of me, and run after (or ogle) the nearest sweet-looking stick thin fair-skinned pretty thing? 

What's vase-like? It's a Mandarin term that refers to a girl with the abovementioned physical and personality characteristics. For display only. When it matters the most, they will be the mouthpiece of their husbands or boyfriends. If men really want individuality in their partners, then why do girls think it's desirable to look like these South Korean beauty contestants do? Young girls like them do not do things for themselves. For their family. For their self-esteem. They do it to attract boys. And to fit in the latest fashions that are made for waifs.

I've had enough of the fashion industry and men indirectly telling me that I'm not good enough for them, and that I should look a certain way. I feel very very sorry for these South Korean girls and those like them. They have lost their individuality. You can't tell them apart at first glance. In the name of wanting to be "special", they are now part of the clone army. How tragic. 

Oh. And cosmetic surgery has life-long effects on the body. Whether it's scarring or the sensation that something foreign is inside of you, or just the innate knowledge that something was purposely broken to be reshaped.

As a sidebar, to all the men who love hugging a skeleton: get a plastic one from the Biology lab. Less maintenance.

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