Wednesday, August 24, 2011

As The Rest of US East Coast Shook...

...Wall Street yelled out "Business As Usual! Money to be made...and lost!"

Ok. Seriously though. The 5.9 magnitude earthquake that just happened in America is quite unexpected. I don't know much about US geography, but from reports, it seems like the aftershocks went interstate. Thank God there appears to be no reports of death or injury. Just a lot of building and landscape damage.

And I didn't make up the scenario of Wall Street trading through the quake and aftershocks. From the abovelinked article:
Not everyone, however, was quite so terrified by the tremors. On Wall Street traders could be heard shouting: 'Carry on trading!' despite the shaking.

Update: checked with a friend in the US, and things aren't as bad as reported in the media. Classic sensationalistic journalism.

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