Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thoughts That Fly By When Surfing the 'Net

Why the hell do people consider individuals who appear on reality television shows as "stars" or "cast members"? These people are a) attention whores, b) ratings fodder, c) voyeurs fodder, and d) would-be social lepers until MTV invented "reality tv".

Jennifer Hudson prouder of weight loss than Oscar win. Perfect example of the skewed mentality towards the female form. Worst offenders are women ourselves. Closely followed by men.

How does Isaiah Mustafa ooze sultry-ness and masculinity all at the same time?

Store milk at 3degrees Celcius to help ensure milky good freshness. And adhere to expiration date.

Why are people still trying to define "classy"? Like stereotyping, it's just a ridiculous waste of time.

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