Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So I Was Really Looking Forward To This...

It's called the "Gabbana Pleated Velvet Dress". Inspired by one of Dolce & Gabbana's creations that Selena Gomez wore to some party earlier this year.

I like the design. Feel that it could be longer so that one can wear it to more glamourous/formal functions, but at 36" long, it's still a nice length for me.

Was all ready to be massively tempted by it. Until I saw the measurements. Will fit busts from 30"-36" ('cos of elasticised back). Will fit waists of 26" or less. Hips at 42" or less. These measurements are for size M. You can look at the site itself for the measurements for S. And they don't stock any larger sizes. So. Let's look at the sizing again but fit it to my weird body shape. Bust should fit. Might look slightly odd compared to the model, but it should fit. How about the waist? Um. No. Hell frickin' no. Ain't no way I'm gonna be able to squeeze into the dress at all. Not unless I shaved or removed my ribs the way Marilyn Manson did. Even if I wore the most effective girdle man ever designed to torture females. It ain't gonna fit.

This ties to a post that I haven't yet published. But which I think I will now. The ridiculous expectations that Asian females, or in this case, Singaporean females are all modest bust, tiny waist, flaring hips. If you don't have big boobs, that's fine. If you have, you're admired. If you don't have a small waist, you'll have sales people lining up to push their slimming products in your face.

This dress is just a big disappointment. And a sordid reminder of how fat I am. People wonder why anorexia and bulimia are still so prevalent amongst young girls, growing in numbers with young boys, and still affecting some adults. And recently, I read an article highlighting a different kind of eating disorder. Simply called "disordered eating". Where the person is extremely aware of everything he/she puts into his/her body, counting calories, measuring out portion sizes and volume down to the milligram etc...and going into stress mode if the eating plan is thrown off course for even one meal. Person is still eating, but the eating pattern borders on OCD-type behaviour.

Or maybe I should go on an extreme diet plan to fit into all these pretty little dresses. Wait. Extreme diet means boobs will go. So I will turn into one of these models...airplane runway. So in order to do the dress justice at the bust, I'll have to get artificial bosoms. And artificial butt to rival JLo or Kim Kardashian.

Why can't these people realise that the female form is not fixed at 32-24-34?

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