Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Purpose of Politics is to What Now??

The Onion published a story on...actually. I have no idea what the story really is about. All I got out of it was that the Republicans sole reason for existance is to make President Obama's life hell and cause him to lose 4 years (or 8 years, if he gets re-elected) of his daughters' lives. Whatever happened to making a country a better place? Whatever happened to working for your contituency? When did politics degenerate to become so overtly evil? note: I'm not saying that politics was never evil. And more importantly, what is wrong with these Republicans that they are able to spew such poison against another human being? Has ideology become so important to them that fundamental human courtesy and decency have fled their psyche and vocabulary?

The article is called "New GOP Strategy Involves Reelecting Obama, Making His Life Even More Miserable" and assuming The Onion is a reliable media outlet, this is just disturbing to know.

"If you look at what we've accomplished as a party in the last four years—making President Obama lose his temper on multiple occasions and even causing him to storm out of a meeting in frustration—it doesn't make sense for us to throw all that away, not when we could do so much more," House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said. "If by being impossible to work with we are able to make the president physically shake with frustration during every single meeting, give him the nervous tick of mumbling angrily under his breath, tarnish his entire legacy, and in the process completely destroy his faith in humanity, then we've succeeded as lawmakers."
"If you thought this debt ceiling thing was bad, wait till you see how unbearable we are when it comes time for the Bush tax cuts to expire," Cantor added. "We are going to pummel this man over and over and over until he regrets ever getting into politics."

How far we've fallen from the days of Abraham Lincoln and the declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man. "All men are born free and equal, in dignity and in rights, and, being endowed by nature with reason and conscience, they should conduct themselvesas brothers one to another"pffffft.

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