Thursday, August 11, 2011

One of Those Days...

...where you read/hear something that makes you go: when the f*** will you learn that you're not that special? it's not you that causes the laughter and joy. when will you learn to just put your head down, do what you need to do, and ignore all base instincts? in spite of all that's been wait. after all that's been said, it's just words. empty, meaningless words. there's nothing serious, nothing from the heart, nothing that will be remembered 5s after the convo ends.

In the words of many Australians, f***ing get over yourself. You're not all that.

I need to learn. Block out. Follow my head and ignore my heart. Plenty of others when I'm not around. It's me that's surrounded by solitude. F***ing stop thinking that my company is something to look forward to or enjoy.

Mantra for the day: bloddy hell get over yourself.

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