Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gotta Get Me...

...some more gay friends!! Not so much the over-the-top queens alá Carson Kressley or Sean Hayes, although they are hysterical to have around. But the gays who look and behave like any other straight male, but are aware that they fall in love with men rather than women.

Had the best time in a loooong while last night when I was unexpectedly invited along to a BBQ by a gay friend. He told me that it'd be just 5 gay guys hanging out, and that I was welcome to come along. So I made the decision to go. Hadn't been out in company for quite some time since my housemate moved out, and I thought that better 5 gay guys than straight ones where I have no idea what their agenda is. My friend told me to wear something pretty, and I was like: define pretty... He responded something along the lines of "well..something other than what you're wearing now". I was in an over-sized t-shirt and fleece pants, you see. It being winter and all.

So I changed into a long skirt and long-sleeved top, packed my tote with camera and other stuff, slapped on some lipstick, checked the weather forecast (minimum 13degrees), stuffed a shawl into my bag, and away we went to Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Beautiful place especially at night 'cos it gives an unobstructed view of the city lights. Once we got there, there were various people working out (translated: hunky male specimens) and the 3 gays I was with started ogling. Well...not ogling but sizing up. It was funny to hear! Omg. At that stage, it was NC-16.

Then we got to one of the BBQ gazebos, another friend showed up, and while waiting for it to heat up and the last guy to show up, my friend taught the rest of us a card game called Saboteur. Took some time to get the hang of it, but it was fun! Not sure whether I'll enjoy it as much playing with straight people though. for thought. Anyway, then my friend started cooking while the 4 of us continued to play. He loves cooking...but that's another story. So at this stage, I'm surrounded by 4 gay guys, one of whom is what they call a "queen" i.e. Carson Kressley type. Funny as hell. Frickin' sharp wit. And such a bitch!

Anyway, we played 2 rounds of Saboteur, and dinner was ready. The last friend showed up shortly after, kinda half-drunk already 'cos of Friday night drinks at his workplace. I'd met him a few times before, so it was cool. Throughout the convo over dinner, there was a lot of laughs, ribbing, and the jokes and comments got more and more R-rated. And then a group of Maori youngsters showed up doing exercises...boot camp, I guess. Hunky good-looking Maori boys. Ohhhh...eye candy galore. For all of us at the table. And the commentary was heading into the X-rated territory. I was laughing so hard my cheekbones hurt. Of the 5 gay guys I was with, 2 of them are married to each other. Where they got married, I have no idea. But yeah. It didn't stop them from looking though. That was cool. Traditional straight men would be up in arms with jealousy. So annoying.

Ok. Hunky shirtless good-looking Maori boys doing exercises complete with those weird grunts that you hear males make in a gym. Commentary is well in the X-rated zone. Funny. If it were other straight females saying those things, I'd be thinking: um. I don't really want to know what you want to do to them... But coming out of a gay guy's mouth...especially the "queen", it was hilarious. And 'cos I was keeping up with their slang, they were a little surprised that I knew what certain terms meant. They kinda assumed that 'cos I'm a straight Asian female, I would be unfamiliar with the lingo of the gay community. But gawd. As the alcohol consumption increased, the lewdness of the ribbing and comments got more explicit and filled with inuendo.

They were originally intending to head to a bar after the BBQ, but as the night wore on, my friend realised that he only had another 6hrs in Brisbane, and it'll be better spent finishing his packing and getting some sleep. So we started to pack up and head home. It was a very good night. I didn't expect to enjoy myself so much, but I did.

Back at the house, my friend and the married couple opened another bottle of wine. He went to pack while I chatted with the other two. One of them was quite wasted...and vocal about his objections to sharks' fin soup. Totally understand where he's coming from. many billions of people in China still hooked on sharks' fin delicacies..abit hard to change.

Alyssandra had released their collection at 1am Brisbane time, and I was looking through it as I usually do on Friday nights. He looked at some of the dresses with me, and his comments were quite valuable. Quite an eye for ladies' fashion even though he's no "queen". After about an hour, my friend had finally finished packing, and the guys went to bed (not together. hello.) I stayed up for awhile more before heading to sleep myself. Alchohol always gives me a headache if I don't sleep immediately when I feel the lull.

Woke up this morning feeling that the house is so empty again. Felt...oddly bereft. Hmm.

Hanging out with gay guys is kinda liberating. I can be myself without feeling any pressure to impress or put my best foot forward. I know there are gays and there are gays. But those that I've met so far are decent human beings. So... I wonder if continued exposure to them will cause a massive paradigm shift in me. But I guess that's a blog post on it's own.

Photos unprocessed. Only resized downwards.

Started eating, then realised that I wanted a photo of it. haha!!

Brisbane City Lights

Brisbane City Lights

One is missing. He'd left about 15mins before this.

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