Thursday, August 25, 2011

Serendipitous Coincidence or Coincidental Serendipity

Which 2 names leap out at you?

When WSU returns live to iPPV on 11/19, we will be presenting the biggest womens wrestling event of the Fall. WSU has been on fire all year in 2011, from putting on one of the most incredible ladder matches, celebrating Mercedes Martinez’s 2 Year reign as champion and watching new stars develop, while being a place for new beginnings. On 11/19 on iPPV, in our double main event of “BREAKING BARRIERS II”, we will see new stars get the opportunity to shine, while seeing Former WWE Womens Champion Melina get a new beginning.

Former WWE Womens Champion Melina will be making her WSU debut on 11/19. Melina joins names such as Jillian Hall, Luna Vachon, Christy Hemme, Jazz, Ivory, Dawn Marie, Molly Holly and others as someone with WWE experience looking to start anew in the biggest womens wrestling promotion today. Someone also on that list is Serena Deeb, a person who is not happy about Melina coming to WSU. Serena told WSU she will be releasing a video message about Melina’s debut in WSU where she will explain why she’s not thrilled with Melina in WSU.

Aside from the names, what else is...intriguing about this? Hmm.
Round One: FIGHT!

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