Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bits and Pieces from the Media Today

Ms Rachel Lloyd puts it far more eloquently that I ever could.

Which of these Female Office Tribes do you have in your workplace? And which one do you (unabashedly) identify with? I reckon I'm The Bore. Yup.

That's all we need. A wasp that's the Viking/Spartans of all wasps. On a side note...Z...I want me some of that macro lens. The one that can photograph a warrior wasp in all its scary glory.

This scaredy cat climbed an almighty cactus and escaped being mountain lion dinner. Wpnder how it managed to get itself up and down without getting scratched to oblivion...

We need to talk. Wonder if this will work for me....the death knell part. Not the building communication blocks aspect.

Da Sista -- check out the colour of the leather mini-dress that Zoe Saldana is wearing. Same shade as the Salmon Pink Dress that you donch likez... I need my tan back. Pronto.

Apply sun screen. Don't apply sun screen. Wear a hat. Hats are useless. Will researchers make up their bloddy minds and issue consistent advisories??

For all its finesse and beauty, France seems to be one of the most rascist, bigoted, and sexist country around. Or is it limited to Paris? I don't know. Met a young Frenchman briefly while I was living on the Gold Coast. Didn't spend that much time with him as he was boarding at Terry's friend's place. A homestay student. And initially he was a charming young man, but after 2 weeks, he turned into a horror houseguest that Elaine couldn't wait to get rid of. Thank God he was only in Australia for 8 weeks.

Ohhhh. LOVE!!! I just absolutely adore 1950s/60s fashion. Funny though. I still haven't watched a single episode of "Mad Men" in spite of the rave reviews it's always got. So in love with the dark blue/black version of the traditional houndstooth-pattern dress.

If this is what the designers are doing, it's no wonder recent collections from Alyssandra, Fairbelle, loef, KindofWonderful et al are looking...well...huh????

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