Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So I Just Bought This...

$59 for Foils, Protein Treatment, Style Cut, Blow-Dry, GHD Finish plus Lash and Brow Makeover from Bounce Hair Body Beauty ($330 Value)

As the less recognised cousins of rabbits, hares may not be deemed as adorable, but they do exude sleek furry coats courtesy of super moisturising Protein Treatments. Keep human hair in check with today’s Groupon: $59 for a complete hair and beauty package, including a half head of foils, Keratin moisture treatment, style cut, blow-dry, GHD finish, lash tint, brow tint, brow wax and more at Bounce Hair Body Beauty, Highgate Hill ($330 value).

Highgate Hill hair institution, Bounce Hair Body Beauty, offers clients a well-balanced combo of international haircare experience with a complete hair makeover offered in this deal. Settle into comforting d├ęcor for up to two hours of pampering bliss with a luscious moisture and protein treatment, followed by a half head of foils, style cut to bring out each personality, blow-dry and glam GHD finish. Peepers are then prettied with all over preening, featuring a lash tint, brow tint and brow wax.
Bounce Hair Body Beauty brings babes and beaus of the river city back with acclaimed service and an internationally experienced edge. An indulgent jewel in convenient Highgate Hill, Bounce boasts accolades such as team member Elise Fraser’s DeLorenzo Australian Stylist of the Year. The charitable salon enchants Grouponites with a $50 voucher to use with their next service.

This is gonna be interesting...I've only ever permed my hair, and the last time I did that was 2+yrs ago. I didn't particularly enjoy sitting in the hairdresser's chair for 3hrs doing that either. Wait. The very 1st time I permed my hair, I was there for almost 5hrs. 'Cos there was a screw up with the equipment. Nothing caught fire, thank God. But it was a very very long visit. The subsequent 2 times I had the perms took about 3hrs each. Still bloddy long. But I'm overdue for a haircut anyway... might as well get it done for a bargain price and maybe change my look to something less boring.

Update: Booked myself in for 2nd Sept at 1.15pm. Am now experiencing anxiety. What...unholy torture have I just subjected my hair to?? Belatedly decided to google hair foils and highlighting procedures, and thought: this sounds worse than getting a permanent wave forced into my frickin' straight hair! zomg.

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