Friday, August 19, 2011

Email Extravaganza. Not.

So I was clearing out my Hotmail account of all the clutter. Email notifications from goodness knows where, newsletters that I barely skim through...not quite spam, but...yeah. Clutter. Then I came across a series of Facebook-related notifications. And then that song by Jennifer Paige swam into my consciousness. You know which tune I'm talking about. The one that goes "it's just a little crush, not I like I faint everytime we touch...". Yeah. That one. Gawd. I'd forgotten how gooey I'd gotten then. Actually. Still abit mushy inside now when I think about it. HAH! Outta my league though. Wait. Since when was I ever in a league? Um. Stratosphere? Atmosphere? No blinkin' idea.

Anyway. As usual, it was all internalised and never vocalised. Classic me. One more time *siiiiiighhhhhh* Ok. I'm done now.

I had 900 unread mails sitting in the Hotmail Inbox and another 180 in the Junk folder. Guess how many I deleted? Good grief. This is one of the rare times I'm thankful for the damned Windows Live interface. Using the email client was far easier to manage mass-deletions than going through the web platform. GMail needs a similar interface. Did I mention I have 4000 unread mails in GMail? Yeah. Does that explain why I need a separate account for professional use?

Clutter clutter. Sounds familiar.

Da sista just sent me a youtube link to The Little Mermaid's Poor Unfortunate Souls in Japanese. After getting over the shock of hearing the purple octopus woman speaking Japanese, I was horrified to hear the song translated almost word for word into a different language. Problem? Music did not match the words inserted. And purple octopus woman wasn't as terrifying as in the English version. Lost in translation indeed.

Anyway, need to find the time and energy to de-clutter the GMail account. I don't even want to think about the other accounts I've maintained over the last 10yrs. zomg.

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