Sunday, August 21, 2011

Microsoft Windows Scam. Again. By the indefatiguable Indian telemarketers.

I so wish that I could track down these sons and daughters of low-life bitches who keep giving me "courtesy calls" to "inform" me that my computer is malfunctioning and having error reports and warnings. I wish I had my phone set up such that I could record calls straight off the bat. Then I'd record the lies these arsewipes try to spew. Moronic fucking Indian bitch that called me just now had the audacity to call me a liar when I told her that I was out of town and my computer couldn't have been turned on. Granted. I was lying about it. But who is she to call me a liar when my computer couldn't possibly have sent info to her "company" informing them of "error messages".

Gotta give these scam artists credit though. They seem to have stopped using "I am calling you from the Microsoft [insert whatever bombastic sounding IT fixit department name] about your Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/7 operating system" {please feel free to use an Indian accent or faux-Western accent spoken by Indian national}. G almost got taken in by them 2yrs ago, until something started smelling fishy and he called me to ask if the deal was genuine, and I told him straightaway to disconnect his modem and turn off his computer. 'Cos Microsoft does NOT cold-call customers at all. When he did that, guess what happened? The low-life dropkick called him back to say that the connection had dropped and that he needed to reconnect immediately so that their system could finish scanning his computer. I was on the mobile with G when they called him back on his home phone, so I told him to tell them that he needed to go out, thanks for their help, goodbye. In the end, we formatted his system to ensure all traces of whatever trojan they inserted was gone for good.

Now the con-men and con-women are just saying that they're calling with regard to the Windows OS you are using. But it's still a scam. Google/Yahoo/Bing "microsoft windows scam" and there thousands of hits. Remove the quotation marks and it returns millions of sites ranging from an official Microsoft Advisory, to various alerts by media outlets, to forum discussions. Apparently the Indian scammers originally targetted UK residents, then moved to US then Australia. Each time when the media of the country picked up the story to expose the scam, they would move countries until the interest died down, then start again.

Fucking Indian government needs to stop their in-fighting and do something about this. They wonder why their citizens are hate-targets. Look within their country, for pete's sake! All the things that their people do to make a living and survive in their over-populated, under-developed, corrupt country. I don't blame the telemarketers. They are just trying to ensure they don't end up a statistic on the starvation or prostitution count. I blame the people who set up the companies and the Indian government.

And it's all the more frustrating that the victim countries' governments AND Microsoft can't do anything about it. Except post advisories and warnings.

Microsoft at a loss over Event Viewer scam

Windows Event Viewer phishing scam remains active

To the female Indian telemarketer who called me out on my lie: find a job that gives you some measure of self-respect and respect in general. 

Update: Just found out that this scam has already hit Singapore. Google spat out various articles dating back to Mar/Apr 2011.

Update 2: Got called TWICE today. fucktards. 

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