Thursday, August 11, 2011

From Beth Riesgraf's Twitter Feed

Beth Riesgraf & her stunt double on Leverage, Jessie Graff
 I love Beth (and her stunt double) as Parker on Leverage. But what I love more about this pic is the dress. There's just something about me and toga/Grecian-style dresses. Just love them even though I haven't been able to find one that flatters me yet.

Although...I've been eyeing this one for quite sometime now...

Only problem is that, as my sister puts it, the dress looks confused. Ok. Wait. How does an inanimate object look confused? Maybe it was the designer who was confused. Or high...or drunk...or...both?? Champagne satin bodice with black polyester skirt. Too plain. Needs...ah! LACE at bodice..but not all the way up. Just at bust to create illusion of sweetheart-neckline. Still too plain. What's in now? Maxi dresses. Nope. Won't work. Although...Maxis make those hot Hollywood babes look like goddesses. GODDESS! GREECE!! I shall cut the bodice diagonally! No. Can't. One boob hanging out...nope. Won't work. Oh screw it. Drape a chiffon thing diagonally to satisfy my craving for goddesses.

I don't know. Anyway. According to da sista, da dress looks confused. But I still like it. I might unpick the sleeves. What do you think?

update: they've sold out in my size. oh well. heheh... =)
update 2: Nadine Haders, costumer extraordinaire of Leverage, said that Beth's dress is from BeBe. Can't find it though... =/

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